Last Update March 16h 2022

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The all-new Motorvate makes customer management seamless for local car shops and services. We are designed for your business to keep your team organized on inquiries, estimates jobs and customers right from your smartphone. 

No subscription, upfront cost, or trial. We process payments at 2.5% payments lower than 2.9% industry standard (Square, Clover and others) to provide your shop payment flexibility such as Affirm on all your services. Tap below to learn more

Watch how we automate your Branded Inquiry
We improve leads instantly with your number allowing you to send and receive Inquiries to customers instantly. With the shop name provided customers receive a reply when they text your new number. Reply to your Inquiry to enable Two-Way SMS and prepare an estimate for confirmation and deposit. 

Watch how we onboard your customer vehicles 

With a scan of the customer VIN or License Plate we'll provide a customer profile of the year, make, model and image of the vehicle being serviced.

Learn More about Payments with Motorvate

You will be paid in full, within 1-3 business days. Once you connect your bank/debit card you can view your pending transactions from your Motorvate account.

How do I offer Affirm ?

When you connect your bank / debit card, every job order you send customers will have Affirm as a payment option. Affirm is available as a checkout option with each invoice you send. 

We are available for support 24/7

Tap the icons below or in  🔔 within the app and contact  us anytime